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We specialize in providing Reality Based Training to every day citizens as well as first responders using cutting edge techniques generally available only to the military and law enforcement. We help you and your group, unit, squad, shift, team or family protect your self and others in the places you occupy the most.  Whether your concern is a home invasion, a car jacking, an "Active Shooter" threat or just learning how to treat an accidental injury that results heavy bleeding, click on the "Contact" tab to request a custom tailored training needs assessment. There's no charge for the assessment when we fulfill a contract!  We will come to your church, school, office, even your home to provide you with the skills you need to be an immediate responder while police and medics are on the way. Learn to "Stop the Killing" AND "Stop the Dying". 

 It's Not "IF", It's "WIN"!

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Who We Are

Brian Baxter, the president of Highlander Defense®, brings the credentials of a career armed professional.  Having served as an infantry soldier in combat, a state trooper, a narcotics agent, a SWAT Team member and the commander of a world-class law enforcement tactical training center, Brian brings almost three decades real world experience in safety planning, tactics, firearms, self-defense, Mass Assault training and tactical medicine.    

Jason Dush, senior vice president, is a career medical professional and public servant who has spent decades as a flight paramedic, tactical paramedic, EMS manager and NAEMT certified TCCC/TECC instructor.  Jason combines years of real world, point-of-injury and pre-hospital care experience with the experience of a part-time commissioned peace officer and the ability to relate to any audience.  

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Why We're Different

 Because we aren't only skilled tacticians, we're skilled teachers with the ability to build a curriculum that is realistic, relevant and based on actual threats faced by everyday citizens.  Plus, we relate that information to adult learners in a manner that facilitates skill acquisition, memory consolidation and recall!  Not only do our senior executives and hand selected contractors possess the skills and abilities that come from having spent their entire adult lives in positions relevant to your needs, they have also studied under some of the greatest human performance experts and reality based pioneers in the business.  At Highlander Defense, you won't be bogged down by "war stories" and "because I said so" mentalities. You'll learn in a respectful, professional and client-centered environment where your growth is our focus.  

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